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Your 'SMALL MOVING COMPANY' since 1989

Established since 1989

Since starting in the removals business as a man with a van service, (our famous advert back in the day read “van and driver from a fiver”), the van and man operation grew into a full removals service using a small fleet of Luton box vans but the business was kept small, that’s where the name SmallMove came from. ‘The Small Moving Company’. David has also added a removals storage warehouse and a self-storage warehouse.
David's three sons were just not able to dodge serving time on the vans. Starting during the school holidays and later each spending a few years driving, lifting and shifting along with carefully selected staff, they built a first class reputation for SmallMove that sets the standard to this day.
The biggest change came years later when a bigger vehicle was needed. You can’t just go out and buy one and start using it though. Oh no. Big pay outs and red tape have to be seen to first. Someone has to go to college to earn transport managers certificates to obtain an operators licence. Operating premises have to be sought and approved by the town planning. Heavy goods licences are needed to drive them. C.P.C. courses have to be taken by the drivers. And a lot of money has to be paid out. It all seems pretty daunting just to get a bigger van. Unbelievably this is where Davids’ sons came back into the business. Richard has his own storage yard with space to operate a truck. Planning approval was granted. David and son David Jnr. both have heavy goods licences. Andrew is the youngest son and by chance he was in between jobs and back on the vans again. He should have seen it coming. He was given a note pad and pencil and sent off to college. He came back a qualified transport manager.
As for the big payments that had to be made, none of the sons could be found.

David and Sons removals

Now able to take on even bigger removals, the name SmallMove started working against us. We needed to show that we could take on large moves, so we started trading as ‘David and Sons Removals’ to attract the bigger work. SmallMove should have faded away but after so many years it appears to have stuck.
‘David and Sons SmallMove’ seems to have come about by itself.

Big enough to cope

With just enough vehicles and staff to take on either one or two jobs at a time, we’ve not lost sight of our commitment to our customers. Our staff are a helpful bunch who we know well and who know each other. It makes for a good day. And with a cup of tea to help them work they’ll make moving a pleasure.

Smallmove Removals and Storage Redditch 01527 857826 or dave@smallmove.co.uk