Removals and Storage

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Our own self storage warehousesnce

Our storage warehouses are designed with both large and small quantities in mind. And for either short or long term storage.
Most importantly all goods are stored indoors in a warehouse. The warehouse contains lockable crates or ‘pods’ of similar size around 50 square feet. Not too big for a small job, and if more space is needed you use another pod or two. This way you don’t have to guess what size room you need in advance as you do with most indoor stores, so you don’t pay for unused space or have to move it all again.

Long Term storage

Five years and three months. Four years and four months. Three years. These customers were storing with us for this long and when their goods all came out they were as good as when they went in. Terms of one or two years are common. We need to be confident every job will be safe because any one might go for a new record with us and be in longer than five years and three months.

DIY self storage

Access is between 9:00 and 6:00 weekdays. And 10:00 till 4:00 Saturdays.
Sundays are available by request but need to be booked before end of the day on Friday.

Vans available

When storage has to be collected our removals crew will put it carefully into storage and use as little space as possible. Please be aware that stores are packed just like the van is packed, so access to items in store can involve having to empty one or more pods until the item is found. Don’t store what you might need; passport, driving licence, spare keys, theatre tickets etc. DIY customers can hire our van with a driver at very competitive rates. Long term DIY customers could use it for free. Phone for details.

Difference between self storage and removals storage

To clarify a common confusion.
Self Storage is available for those who wish to move and store goods themselves. Borrow or hire a van, buy a friend a pizza and you can store or add or remove items yourself during our opening hours.
Removals storage is when our removals crew are booked to collect and store your goods for you. These goods are stored in a separate warehouse that is not accessible by anyone other than our own staff. We store your goods until we’re booked again to remove all or some of your belongings.

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