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How Much will it cost?

The obvious question is “how much”. Take a look at the houses each side of you and you’ll see how very different we all are. It really is difficult to generalise and give a removals estimate. You don’t want an estimate anyway it’s not a final price. It’s always best for you to get written quotes before choosing your remover. A figure on a scrap of paper or business card is not a binding quote.

Our quotes are worked out after viewing the property with you. No salesmen are used. David will make an appointment with you either daytime or evening, and call round himself, take a quick look and write out a quotation to leave with you. There will not be any follow up phone calls or further unwanted contact from us. You will be left alone to compare the services offered by the companies who quoted you. When you choose us, just call and we’ll deliver your free boxes and book the day for you.

Because mid-week removals are fewer than Friday and Monday moves, Smallmove have always offered a discount for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday moves.
No extra charges will be added to our quote. An old removals favourite is to start early and charge waiting time until key release. Others will charge double if they cant get it all on their van and have to make a second run.

We wouldn’t have stayed in business since 1989 if we tried any of the tricks we’ve seen.

We view the job, quote a fixed price for the day and stick to it. Waiting for key release means a longer lunch break for us.

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